2nd Friday of every month
at 38 Town House Rd

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The Durham Historical Society was organized on December 28th, 1949 by a group of Durham residents who were interested in preserving Durham's history.
The first officers were Francis F. Korn, Sr., president; Gaylord A. Newton, vice president; Emma B. Bailey, secretary; and A. Ernest Otte, treasurer. The purpose of the society was established by the first members: "to research and record facts relating to early Durham; to collect and preserve articles of historical value or legend; and to commemorate the early citizens and their colonial homes in paintings or by photographs." Today the Durham Historical Society is located near the Green in the Center School, which was built in 1775. The school house has been restored through the efforts, generosity and hard work of many members and friends. The society meets monthly to discuss topics of historical interest and the meetings are open to the public. ~ (taken from Durham 1900-1950)

In the last decade the focus of the historical society was to renovate the second floor for meeting and exhibit space. Beams were placed in order to support the vaulted ceiling and roof, lighting installed, insulation was placed and wall and ceiling board was installed and painted. The original flooring was refinished, installed and finished between 2008 and 2011. Even though duct work has been installed for a furnace, the funds have not yet been raised to meet the cost of purchasing and installing a source of heat for the building. This is the next major focus for the group. All of these accomplishments have been supported by donations from members and friends. Once the second floor is complete, exhibits will be created and the building will be open to the public. The set goal for this is currently the winter or early spring of 2012.

The historical society is always looking for new members or volunteers to help with a range of needs, which include grant writing, help with renovations and exhibit/collection management.